Goodbye, My Lover

When it was confirmed last year that the D&G line would be closed down and merged into its parent Dolce & Gabbana, I was devastated. D&G had been one of the primary brands attracting me to menswear. With its vibrant, youthful feel and brazen attitude, the line was a distinct departure from the less playful, often slightly austere collections from Dolce & Gabbana. And while Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce assured the fashion world that the decision was to add “even more strength and energy to [their] collections,” I saw no hint of D&G anywhere in the Fall 2012 show this past January, the first collection since the brand’s dissolution. I found myself missing the cheekiness of D&G that had defined the brand for years.

To pay homage to D&G’s Spring 2012 collection, its finale, I’ve assembled my favorite looks from the runway. The show was rich with vibrant Moroccan prints and light, heavily distressed denim. It is a quintessential summer collection and a fitting farewell to an incredibly influential brand.

I couldn’t get over the the denim waistbands mixed with the silk prints. It’s absolute genius.

Those denim waistbands are insanely clever, a trait inherent in all of D&G’s collections.

Guys, if you don’t have a faded denim shirt, get one immediately. For the next 6 months, it will never look wrong.

And while you’re at it, grab a pair of loose fitting ripped denim in a medium blue. It’s hot outside, so it’s okay to betray your skinny jeans for awhile.

When denim shorts initially resurfaced on runways several seasons back, they were short, tight, and generally terrible. A loose fitting pair is a much better option and works on almost every guy.

Denim on denim? Cool on cool.

Gentleman, cargo shorts can be stylish! An added plus is that they can be purchased everywhere and on any budget.

Find, steal, or purchase a denim jacket this year. Medium is good. Lighter is better.

So long, D&G. I’ll catch you on the fashion flip side.


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