lost at sea

A perfect addition to Femme Friday! This is an amazing nautical styled shoot from my very talented friend & photographer Erica of Erica Lee Style & Erica Lee Photo. Beautiful!

Erica Lee Style

I had the privilege of photographing one of my very close friends after she agreed to be help me with this “nautical” styled shoot. Since the shortest distance from Columbus, OH to the coast is over a 9 hour drive we decided this quaint little reservoir would do. Stripes, a message in a bottle, a life preserver, red lipstick… does it get better than that?

The red shorts and accessories just make these photos pop!

$0.29 bought us a piece of rope from Hobby Lobby to use as a belt. Nicole’s strappy sandals were a great combo with her layered bracelets and beach bag.

This floppy hat was a $2 steal on the bargain shelves of Target.

The retro sunglasses were already part of Nicole’s personal collection but you can find a similar pair here for $10.

Red isn’t your color? Just add an accent of mustard yellow 🙂

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