Hal Jordan Goes Green (& You Should Too)

While slipping on an alien ring and transforming into an intergalactic superhero is my preferred way of going green, I suppose wearing eco friendly clothing is just as good (but not really).

Being environmentally conscious doesn’t mean dressing like a third generation hippie anymore. Companies are increasingly offering cool and stylish options for guys who want to look good without needlessly ravaging Mother Earth. I’ve collected 4 products that are just as eco fly as they are eco friendly.

Shirt: Made from natural seeded cotton knitted and sewn in Los Angeles.

Shoes: Vegan friendly and constructed from recycled and sustainable materials.

Watch: Accented with a bamboo dial, this Sprout watch is made from corn resin that’s “99% biodegradable to carbon dioxide and water within 365 days.”

Pants: The yarn for these Bonobos jeans is partially spun from recycled beer bottles. Thanks to Mr. Webbos for posting these last week and Buffalo Dandy for doing a more complete write up today.

Farm Tactics baseball tee via Unionmade $55; Earthwise Classics via TOMS $54; Sprout watch $65; Bottle Rockets denim via Bonobos $135

The Green Lantern image was scanned from my own collection but copyrighted by DC Comics Inc. in 1983.


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