Thou Shalt Covet: Kangol Hats

If I haven’t affirmed this enough already, let me do so again: I love hats. They are a quintessential summer accessory for guys for their fashion and grab-and-go functionality. For those gentlemen looking for quality headwear with unmatched style and personality, Kangol is the brand to buy.

Kangol hats are cool; I mean really cool. They come in updated styles and colors to fit any aesthetic. The summer line is brimming (pun intended) with hats that are easy to wear and perfect for weekends and work days alike. The pork pie shape of the Wheat Stingy may be classic, but the bold color is anything but. You will be seen in this hat, so be prepared to field compliments from friends and strangers alike. Wheat Stingy Pork Pie $54

I love this hat. Made in the USA, the Swirl Pork Pie features a swirl effect on the felt brim. The green is the perfect hue for summer but also subtle enough to transition into fall. This hat will never go out of style or out of sight. Swirl Pork Pie $120

A special thanks to Erica Bushong of Erica Lee Style for these incredible product shots. Another thanks to Kangol for feeding my fix and delivering these two stellar hats to my door. Check out their entire Summer collection online now.


The Rugged Minion: Carhartt

August may just have started, but rugged and stylish workwear is essential for every season. No company knows this better than Carhartt. The American label has a history rich with craftsmanship and a legacy of dependable clothing as tough as the people who wear it. Comfortable enough to wear now and into the latter days of summer, Carhartt’s current collection features pieces that can easily be layered once temperatures begin to cool down for fall.

With husband in tow, friend and photographer Erica Bushong of Erica Lee Style trekked into the woods with me to shoot some of the best pieces from Carhartt’s summer line.

Made from a polyester and twill blend, these pants resist stains as well as wrinkles. Twill Work Pant $27

Waterproof and breathable, the canvas Astoria jacket is perfect for warm weather rain showers. Astoria Jacket $180

This jacket is just as stylish on the street as it is in the wilderness.  Twill Work Jacket $50Dressed up or down, this shirt gets the job done.  Long-Sleeve Twill Work Shirt $25

A very special thanks to Erica Lee Style for the amazing photography and Carhartt for providing the incredible clothing.

Vintage Style Shot: White Double Breasted Jacket

I come from a long lineage of stylish gentleman. For generations the men of my family have known how to dress well. My great uncle, photographed here in 1937, had a dapper style I have come to respect.

The list of men who can successfully pull off a white double breasted suit in 2012 is a short one, and I imagine it was even smaller back then. But he wears it impeccably, adding a simple black tie and pocket square. And from the air of confidence radiating from these photographs, he knew exactly how perfect he looked. He also understood the power of versatility, pairing the white DB jacket with black pants for a look that’s much more James Bond (not that he knew that).

I count myself lucky to be able to look to the past to draw inspiration for my own style future.

Lanvin jacket via Bergdorf Goodman $2,450; J.Crew Essential chino in 484 slim fit $70; Express Silk Tie $40; Giorgio Brutini wingtips via $75

I get it; a jacket that costs more than my first car is a bit ridiculous. I’ve got you covered. Try a white DB sport coat from Brooks Brothers for $398 or a John W. Nordstrom linen alternative for $345.

Vintage Style Shot: White Tees

My official outfit of summer is Levi’s 510’s, Converse, and of course a great white tee. It’s a classic look that’s survived the decades. Inspired by a photo of my grandpa from 1937, I’m going for a vintage feel this year. White makes room for off white and fitted folds to loose.

I can only hope I’ll look as cool and classic as this guy.

Top left: Dr. Denim Joey tee via ASOS $46; RRL Crewneck tube tee $50 Bottom left: Levi’s Vintage crew neck via Mr. Porter $90; Save Khaki crew neck via Unionmade $40

lost at sea

A perfect addition to Femme Friday! This is an amazing nautical styled shoot from my very talented friend & photographer Erica of Erica Lee Style & Erica Lee Photo. Beautiful!

Erica Lee Style

I had the privilege of photographing one of my very close friends after she agreed to be help me with this “nautical” styled shoot. Since the shortest distance from Columbus, OH to the coast is over a 9 hour drive we decided this quaint little reservoir would do. Stripes, a message in a bottle, a life preserver, red lipstick… does it get better than that?

The red shorts and accessories just make these photos pop!

$0.29 bought us a piece of rope from Hobby Lobby to use as a belt. Nicole’s strappy sandals were a great combo with her layered bracelets and beach bag.

This floppy hat was a $2 steal on the bargain shelves of Target.

The retro sunglasses were already part of Nicole’s personal collection but you can find a similar pair here for $10.

Red isn’t your color? Just add an accent of mustard yellow 🙂

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Style & History: The Doolittle Raiders of World War II

Today marks the 70 year anniversary of the Doolittle Tokyo Raid, a historic mission by U.S. B-25 bombers to bomb the Japanese mainland for the first time. In honor of those pilots and crew, a showcase of 20 B-25 bombers was held in Urbana, OH this past weekend. I was lucky enough to witness this largest gathering of B-25s since the Second World War. To say it was incredible would not do the experience justice.

Photographing the entire event, I’ve assembled some of my favorite images, mixing in original historic shots from my grandfather’s service as an aircraft mechanic during World War II. In addition to the bombers, several fighter planes were flown in, including P-51s, a Corsair, and even a Japanese Zero. Such a gathering may never happen again, and I am grateful I was able to experience it.

Inspired by WW II aviation, I gathered together American made bomber jackets patterned from those worn by the pilots and crew of the B-25s.

Top left: Hand Oiled Slim Fitting A-2 Leather Bomber via Schott NYC $725; G-1 Goatskin Leather Flight Jacket via Schott NYC $800 Bottom left: Cockpit B-3 Sheepskin Bomber via Legendary USA $980; Cockpit B-9 Sheepskin Bomber via Legendary USA $1,100

I ask that you respect that ALL images, excluding the jacket product shots, are my own property.

Style Inspiration: Me

I consider myself a pretty stylish guy (hence the blog), so I thought I’d put  together a look directly inspired by an outfit I wore earlier this week. And no, this isn’t a fun house mirror, unless said mirror is over 70 years old and was one of the deadliest, coolest machines in the skies during World War II. Yep, it’s the side of a P-51 Mustang I photographed on Monday at the Grimes Gathering of B-25s in Urbana, OH.

While it’s impossible to be me, you can certainly dress like me.

Saint James for J.Crew meridien II hoodie $285; Levi’s 511 skinny cut-off shorts $54; Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer $150; Timex Weekender via Need Supply Co. $45; Puma Limnos sneaker via DSW $35

Bow Tie Friday

Yes, this is becoming a trend for me. I love that something so simple can look unexpectedly sophisticated. This week I played with texture by pairing a wider, athletic lace with a simple v-neck sweater and my favorite charcoal suit jacket. The royal blue is a nice contrast against the light teal.

Just so you know, I plan on riding this wave until it breaks. Go forth and dress well.

SONOMA shirt via Kohl’s; Merona sweater via Target; H&M suit jacket