Vintage Style Shot: White Double Breasted Jacket

I come from a long lineage of stylish gentleman. For generations the men of my family have known how to dress well. My great uncle, photographed here in 1937, had a dapper style I have come to respect.

The list of men who can successfully pull off a white double breasted suit in 2012 is a short one, and I imagine it was even smaller back then. But he wears it impeccably, adding a simple black tie and pocket square. And from the air of confidence radiating from these photographs, he knew exactly how perfect he looked. He also understood the power of versatility, pairing the white DB jacket with black pants for a look that’s much more James Bond (not that he knew that).

I count myself lucky to be able to look to the past to draw inspiration for my own style future.

Lanvin jacket via Bergdorf Goodman $2,450; J.Crew Essential chino in 484 slim fit $70; Express Silk Tie $40; Giorgio Brutini wingtips via $75

I get it; a jacket that costs more than my first car is a bit ridiculous. I’ve got you covered. Try a white DB sport coat from Brooks Brothers for $398 or a John W. Nordstrom linen alternative for $345.


Vintage Style Shot: White Tees

My official outfit of summer is Levi’s 510’s, Converse, and of course a great white tee. It’s a classic look that’s survived the decades. Inspired by a photo of my grandpa from 1937, I’m going for a vintage feel this year. White makes room for off white and fitted folds to loose.

I can only hope I’ll look as cool and classic as this guy.

Top left: Dr. Denim Joey tee via ASOS $46; RRL Crewneck tube tee $50 Bottom left: Levi’s Vintage crew neck via Mr. Porter $90; Save Khaki crew neck via Unionmade $40