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Thou Shalt Covet: Kangol Hats

If I haven’t affirmed this enough already, let me do so again: I love hats. They are a quintessential summer accessory for guys for their fashion and grab-and-go functionality. For those gentlemen looking for quality headwear with unmatched style and personality, Kangol is the brand to buy.

Kangol hats are cool; I mean really cool. They come in updated styles and colors to fit any aesthetic. The summer line is brimming (pun intended) with hats that are easy to wear and perfect for weekends and work days alike. The pork pie shape of the Wheat Stingy may be classic, but the bold color is anything but. You will be seen in this hat, so be prepared to field compliments from friends and strangers alike. Wheat Stingy Pork Pie $54

I love this hat. Made in the USA, the Swirl Pork Pie features a swirl effect on the felt brim. The green is the perfect hue for summer but also subtle enough to transition into fall. This hat will never go out of style or out of sight. Swirl Pork Pie $120

A special thanks to Erica Bushong of Erica Lee Style for these incredible product shots. Another thanks to Kangol for feeding my fix and delivering these two stellar hats to my door. Check out their entire Summer collection online now.


Summer Hats Under $20

Hats are a summer staple and a simple way to add instant style. Seeing as how I look ridiculous in baseball caps, I stick with fedora and trilby type headgear. There are plenty of premium milliners (yes, I did have to look that up) that offer perfectly crafted pieces, but I prefer low priced options from local retailers like Target (selection is much better in store than online).

Barbecue and beach friendly, these hats give you style and shade all while covering up that receding hairline you hope has gone unnoticed.

Top left: H&M straw hat $10; Zara paisley print hat $20 Bottom left: Zara fine pleated ribbon hat $20; ASOS straw trilby $19

Nobody Calls Me Yellow

Nine times out of ten, there’s no way you’d catch me wearing yellow. I’m willing to make an exception for any of these cool kicks. Ranging from mellow to “Hello!” these sneakers epitomize spring and are sure to brighten your day.

If you ask me, I’d say they’re pretty mcfly. Anyone?

Top left: Vans Authentic $45; Generic Surplus Borstal Mesh $62 Bottom left: Puma Tekkies $38; SeaVees 05/65 $88 All via

Thou Shalt Covet: Filson laptop bag

There’s an epidemic sweeping this nation: awful laptop bags. You know the ones I’m talking about; cheap canvas, usually black or blue, a random company logo, and more mesh than a Right Said Fred comeback tour. No, thank you.

Might I instead suggest this bag from Filson. Constructed from durable twill and made in the USA, it’s stylish yet rugged enough to endure everything you’ll no doubt cram into it.

From home to work to coffee shop, lug your laptop the right way.

Large briefcase 257 $260 via Unionmade

Femme Friday: Club Monaco

The web has been buzzing this week about the revamped Club Monaco website, and with good reason. Club Monaco has stepped up its game with modern, chic clothing and accessories that feel both romantic and reminiscent. I’m riding the wave for this week’s Femme Friday by presenting four of my favorite women’s pieces from the new collection.

See something you like? Take advantage of free shipping & returns through April.

Lainey Dip-Dyed Silk Dress $190, Stella Stretch Bracelet $50, Liana Headscarf $60, Cory Striped Sweater $80