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Antonio Azzuolo

The Spring 2012 collection from Antonio Azzuolo delivers classic pieces impeccably tailored for the sun loving gentleman. Long shorts, hemmed and not, anchor trim blazers and bright anoraks. Double breasted jackets are slim, while pants are light and loose.

Azzuolo sells us summer in a clean and sophisticated package. Tan sold separately.

Nothing says summer like white pants, especially in a loose fit with a nice drape.

The short vest under the longer jacket is the perfect play on proportions. The unfinished hem of the shorts is a clever foil to this classic look. Love the tortoise shell sunglasses? Here’s a similar pair from Warby Parker.

In case you’ve been someplace without printed media, television, or the Internet, double breasted jackets are back. The new DB has been slimmed and trimmed to give every man a great shape. H&M welcomes you to the band wagon for just $60.

For the timid gents among us, a great way to diffuse a bold color is pairing it with black.

The nautical stripe is the summer pattern. The Saint James tee from J.Crew exemplifies this trend.

Anoraks are the jackets of the season. They’re lightweight, easy to throw on, and handy for those pesky pop up showers.

A hooded nylon zip up, like one from Old Navy, is a great alternative to an anorak. Just think color. Bright color.

While I don’t wear shorts myself, I can appreciate the perfect pair. Check out this offering from Express.

“Extra, extra! Twenty years after Newsies’ release, Azzuolo offers a fashionable update!”

Wear this to those half dozen summer weddings you’re getting dragged to this year. I guarantee you wont’t regret it.