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Femme Friday: Scarf Prints

Today’s Femme Friday focuses on one of the most colorful and exotic trends this season: scarf prints. Bright and bold, scarf prints were seen on Spring 2012 runways in dresses, blouses, blazers, and even shoes. No other design house more elegantly captured these prints than D&G.

Retailers worldwide were quick to offer easy options to incorporate scarf prints into any woman’s spring/summer wardrobe. Pairing a printed blouse or skirt with simple neutrals like white highlights this trend without being overwhelming. Accessories like bags or actual scarves are also a great way to dip your toe into the scarf print pool.

Despite today’s hot weather, look cool and stay stylish and have a very Femme Friday.

Row 1: John Zack dress via ASOS $53; Zara blouse $60 Row 2: Zara blazer $129; Lipsy dress via ASOS $96 Row 3: Gypsy 05 Belted Venus maxi via Piperlime $253; Zara shorts $80


Femme Friday: The Power of Peplum

❘ Note from The Modern Minion: Today’s post comes straight from the girl next door; the next door being Canada and the girl being friend and fashion fan Amber Coghill. Amber lives and works in the Toronto area and has an incredible talent for brand development and management. She’s been an invaluable friend and business asset and stands as one of the most beautiful and stylish women I know. I’m both honored and excited to have her as a contributor to The Modern Minion. ❘

When we talk about trends this season, peplum is arguable one of the hottest. It’s almost impossible to watch a read carpet event this season without seeing this über feminine throwback trend born in the 80’s. Initially I had my doubts that the style would be flattering on a wide range of body shapes, but peplums create an instant hour glass by accentuating the waist and masking any problem areas in the midsection.

The incredible slimming silhouette of this fashion phenomenon can be had dresses, skirts, jackets, and blouses in styles versatile enough for work or play, weekday to weekend.

Ladies, this spring show off your curves or create new ones by tapping into the power of peplum. Cheers to a very happy and feminine Femme Friday!


Top left: Blouse via Mango $45 CAD; Talkshow Sweetheart Dress via Modcloth $53 Bottom left: Dress via Zara $100; Pencil skirt via Zara $80

Femme Friday: Seersucker

Seersucker is the quintessential fabric for summer and definitely deserving of its own Femme Friday post. One could argue that its the most classic, recognizable warm weather textile worn the world over. Traditionally seen in red or iconic blue, seersucker is the perfect casual, comfortable staple that’s neutral enough to be worn with almost any color to any occasion.

Forget diamonds, this cool cotton is a girl’s best friend.

Row 1: Striped blazer via Zara $80; Jessica Howard dress via Von Maur $90 Row 2: J.Crew swimsuit $82; Lafayette 148 New York skirt via Nordstrom $148 Row 3: Striped shorts via Zara $40; J.Crew Café capri pant $98

Not Your Daddy’s Jorts

I unapologetically love jean shorts. They elicit images of long summers filled with beaches, backyard barbecues, and bonfires. Although jean shorts have often been pegged as the trashy cousin of conventional denim, they’ve been resurrected in recent seasons by fashion designers and mass market retailers alike.

Plenty of brands like Levi’s and American Eagle offer a variety of fits and washes, but Zara strikes the perfect balance between style and value. Their jean shorts are available in an excellent mix of colors and seem to hit at a good point on the leg. I also like that should I get these shorts on and find they’re more Jim Dangle than anticipated, shipping and returns are free.

And yes, I suppose you could just cut off an old pair of jeans and make your own, but that post would have been shorter and far more anticlimactic.

Top left: Denim bermudas $50; Contrasting chambray shorts $70 Bottom left: Fantasy side strip bermudas $60; Bermudas $60. All images via Zara

Thou Shalt Covet: Zara bags

Fact: sometimes pockets can’t contain everything a guy needs to haul. These bags from Zara can handle your iPad, paperwork, or whatever else you need to lug around in a stylish manner. They’re the perfect gentlemanly accessory.

Top left: Ethnic fabric backpack $129 Fabric backpack $79.90 Bottom left: Combined messenger bag $69.90 Combined shopper $89.90